Naveen Kumar

L&D Manager, TVS Group

Opptimise is a holistic system that can be used to measure a breadth of people competencies and organizational values in any cultural context. The analytics platform helps me assess people's potential complementing the already existing systems to measure people's performance. With Opptimise now in my toolkit, I'm no longer seen as someone working at the transactional level but as someone who can truly add value to business.

Senior Management

Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia

We are surprised by the science of the Opptimise tool, it’s a strong correlation to reality and quite accurate. At first, we were left wondering, then it was revealing, and then we were convinced it is a science.


Energy Services Company, Malaysia

From my experience, Opptimise is around 90 % accurate. Why do I say this? I joined this co over 40 years ago and had the opportunity to work with most of my colleagues over the years. Today I am the head, I base my people decisions based on my experience with them & so far, mostly my decisions are right. My concern in looking ahead the next head may not come up the ranks like me, or even from a different industry. On what basis will they make the right choice? Opptimise gives some good reliable basis for our people decisions.

Raja Shanmugam

Ex Chief People’s Office, Happiest Minds

Opptimise helps leaders get deep insights into their personal effectiveness and take corrective actions. It also empowers the leadership to understand team dynamics and build hugely coherent, dynamic, synchronized, and aligned teams. Its predictive capability provides leaders with insights without having to wait for the teams to make mistakes.

Virpi Tarantino

L&D Manager, Oman Insurance, Dubai

In the company I work, there are people from very diverse cultures - India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Europe, US – and I can readily use Opptimise with them. It measures so many dimensions and is still so accurate. I’m impressed. The analytics platform is amazing. I like the look and feel of it.

R Yuvakumar

L&D Head - Mashreq Learning Systems, Dubai

Opptimise is a crucial component of our L&D‘s diagnostic capability lab. This tool and its outputs are intricately weaved into our Mentoring, Executive Coaching and the New and Emerging Leaders development program strategy. We believe such deep enquiry and insights building either independently or through Development Centre’s help in seeding values and purpose into Organizational cultures. We would recommend Opptimise and its professional team to any organization aiming at serious and authentic work in organizational development and transformational change processes.

Mark Mercer

Mark Mercer Consulting, London, UK

Opptimise gives people powerful insights from a remarkably small set of 30 questions. The insights reliably get to the heart of the matter and create the opportunity of balance, growth and sustainable performance improvement. From a coaching perspective, the system reveals underpinning beliefs and values impacting personal and interpersonal effectiveness. If you want to do 360 at scale, this is a very powerful system. The dashboard was highly intuitive and incredibly flexible. The SWOT for each dimension generated powerful dialogue about issues the team needed to talk about. The language was very accessible and easy to interpret. The SWOT brings a powerful systems approach to team coaching appreciating balance and over and under functioning of key team values and attributes.

Mark Hawkswell

Organisational Development Consultant, MaST International Group Ltd, London

The Opptimise is a superb 360 instrument. It provides instructive feedback on the most important and relevant elements related to Leadership effectiveness. I would strongly recommend this instrument to be used as part of a Leadership development programme. The analytics part of the instrument gives the tool a real edge and it can clearly help HR professionals make wiser choices about how to structure teams for greatest effectiveness. Often, we think that because the person is a good leader they can fit in and lead any existing teams, but as this instrument points out, this may not be the case. You need to be more thoughtful about blending leaders with teams to ensure the right fit. The tool can help you make a better fit between leader and team"
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